RJ Spectroscopy Co.

Spectroscopic Sampling Tools for Research


New Era Enterprises, Inc. has transferred the IR-FTIR, UV-VIS-FL and AA-ICP product lines to
RJ Spectroscopy Co. where you can expect the same high quality products and customer service.

Infrared Optics
IR Standards and Polarizers
Reflectance Accessories
Transmission Accessories for Solid, Liquid and Gas
Cell and HATR Crystal Plate
Mount Reconditioning
* Internal Reflectance Systems
for Microsampling
* Polished/Unpolished Disc and
Rectangular Windows
* Prep Tools for Small Solid Samples and IR Microscopes

Screw-Cap, Graded Seal,
Valve, Cylindrical, Capillary, Flow and Triangular Cells

Standard to Small Path -
length Cells
UV-VIS Reference Standards
Deuterium and Tungsten
Source Lamps
Circular Dichroism Cells
Square Cells for Raman
* ICP Torches, Injector Tubes, Spray Chambers/ Accessories

AA Hollow Cathode Lamps (with Non-coded and Coded)

* Background Correction Lamps

Graphite Furnace Tubes and Accessories


Quartz Cells for Hydride and Mercury Cold Vapor


Miscellaneous: Gas Regulators,Filters, Vent/Exhaust System

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